Afro Betamax Twin

Got a chance to see some Miami friends Afrobeta kick it live Sunday night. It was a nice live balance of freestyle-latin vibe with housey electronic flavors. The energy onstage was tight and even though the rainy night was sparse the positive vibes were a flowing, and the Telekinetic Walrus brought a funk ruckus to follow.

Being I am getting on in the years over here i’ve got to pay attention to my hearing weather I am behind the decks or on the floor here is a good article from DJ tech on the best ear plugs

If you need a wedding DJ here is your man, MPC and all:

And a great interview with Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert by the late great BBC host John Peel.

In other news Betamax is finally dead. A few of our Ego Killer TV episodes made it to Betamax back in the day. My grandfather used to have one and it certainly outlasted VHS.


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