A little house music

photo by trey napoleon

Sometimes you just gotta go underground. And that what was happening Thursday night at The Garage. In St. Augustine, a little spot off of US1, people ready to dance to house, got down and boogied. Whether or not it was intentional, the name Garage brings us old schoolers back to the legendary Paradise Garage where genius Larry Levan took the word DJ to another level and set the stage for early days of house. For those that never got a chance to be a part of something so special, it is nice to see some of that vibe represented in North Florida.  By the way did I mention this was in a garage too? It was a great night and we enjoyed KC and the rest of the crew pumping the four four. A speaker cut out early on but they did there best to overcome,  of course it didn’t stop the crowd from getting there dance on. Will look forward to next month, and heck we got our membership card so we are down to party. – Dr. Strangelove

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I forgot to mention one thing, I really appreciated the percussionists that were there, it was just enough to make it right and not over bearing, right on!