a fine pair from bptich control.

Barefoot Wanderer
BPitch Control [GE]
Release Date: 04 19 10
Genre defying would be too distinguished a term to bestow here but the trio that make up Jahcoozi executes dub, trip-hop, grime and pop almost effortlessly. Thankfully, this album doesn’t have that annoying high-gloss finish that lesser records fall victim to but it will no doubt draw comparisons to that other band of the same ilk that rhymes with Mortishead. I like to think it plays closer to Mo’ Wax-era Andrea Parker. Save for radio friendly unit shifter ‘Powerdown Blackout’ and the hopeful cover of The Cure’s ‘Close To Me’, the inaccessible, brooding tone of this release encourages multiple listens. Intricate cobwebs of sound are discovered in every corner. 6/10

Various Artists
Boogybytes Vol. 5 – Seth Troxler
BPitch Control [GE]
Release Date 02 22 10
On the flip we have hype king du jour Seth Troxler droppin’ the latest volume of this fun, off-the-cuff series. First though, if another white guy in stovepipe jeans name checks Troxler (or Wolf + Lamb for that matter) I may scream. Until then, let me offer this unbiased review. I enjoyed the dialogue on the opening track, both sides dripping attitude. It set a familiar vibe: the vibe of a thousand cocksure DJs.
Seth rolls through some sinister examples like Baeka’s ‘Right At It’, one of the best cuts here. The off-balance piano strikes and lumbering timpani samples conjure up images of being trapped in a big old abandoned house during the day while sunlight shines through threadbare curtains, highlighting the free-floating dust particles amongst the shadows. That may sound twisted but so does this mix. You tell me ‘Right At It’ doesn’t have hardwood floors, brother!
The rest of the CD tries to keep that incessant groove and while I didn’t care for the middle-third (yes, Alexi Delano has an off day sometimes), the last five cuts here really bring it home. Birds And Souls’ self-titled track sounds like some Psychedelic Furs dub while Roman Flugel and Kiki turn in excellent numbers. Whether you choose to buy into the Troxler as globetrotting, playboy tastemaker and image-monger is a personal decision but I like to think he’s best selecting some next-level shit and this disc has it’s moments. 7/10 – Eden Alison

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