Paint it Black


Matthew Dear – Black City Teaser from Ghostly International

Matthew Dear
Black City 
Ghostly International
Release date: 08 03 10

Matthew Dear’s Black City is the next turn for our man of many faces. After the tremendous Asa Breed album and a string of techno releases and remixes as the famed Audion, we knew the next Ghostly album would be something to behold. Interestingly enough a turn into darkness was not what we were expecting. Black City has a deep dark pulse to it, but Matthew Dears tremendous voice carves a path that seems to evoke a confidence of the cheshire cat and the direction of the mad hatter. He marches us to places unknown in a seductive and mysterious way. Many reviewers have said this album sounds akin to an 80s BowieEno love child with Prince as the fairy godmother. But I think we have an artist who’s not afraid to go deep with his love of synths and sound and still keep us dancing while his dark melodic layers overfloweth. “Little People(Black City)” is of course the single of singles to make us dance dance dance, but I am totally digging the funkdified “Shortwave”, and the way both tracks fall into themselves and come back for round two. “You Put a Smell on me” is a hard sultry barnstormer that gets your pulse moving. With the albums closing track “Gem”, Dear opens up and shows us it is not just about beats and electronics but sometimes so much more. There much to be said for this Black City Matthew Dear has created, and I for one am ready to get lost in it.

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