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Some of the most forward thinking music in EDM is coming from this imprint right here. Begun in 1983 as Milos Music Belgium, R&S is celebrating 30 years in 2013. They’ve released perhaps the finest records in the new beat and early techno age with some of the most famous names in electronic dance music. Since the 2006 relaunch, they have brought forward a whole new roster of talent, placing R&S once again on top.

Recent releases worth checking out are the phuture-fantasy 2xLP+CD/CD/MP3 by Space Dimension Controller ‘Welcome To Mikrosector-50’, indie-styled Airhead’s debut album ‘For Years’ drops in June, here’s an album track by them (‘Autumn’) to keep you going till then and then, the critically-acclaimed Vondelpark’s new 2xLP+CD/CD/MP3 ‘Seabed’, which is a truly unique fusion of analogue and electronic, just hit a couple of weeks ago. It’s not even on Beatport. Check the Factory Floor Remix of their new single, which is on iTunes now, 12″ next week.

Their legendary sister label Apollo has been relaunched too. The 15 or so releases that have been done show true diversification within the IDM, dubstep, ambient and chillwave styles. The most recent releases by Bering Strait ‘Apart’ and the Synkro 2×12 ‘Acceptance EP’ really cast an unequaled light on the potential of this kind of music. New stuff by Nadine Shah, Simple and Cloud Boat will keep the drive alive.

I would be remiss without mentioning Sasha‘s 18-month old label, Last Night On Earth which has been on a serious roll lately releasing very forward thinking progressive house and techno jams since its inception. Beatport #1 track Hot Chip ‘Flutes’ (Sasha Remix)’ was a worldwide dancefloor beast and underground atmospheric workouts like Simon Baker’s ‘Hideout’ and Hunter_Game’s ‘An Angel’ among quite a few others, were a treat to score. Many of the releases come on vinyl through Juno Records. Now, 2012 Sasha-collaborator James Teej drops a new album ‘Eight Bit Ocean’ on CD/MP3 and a new single with a remix by Timo Maas that gets Spring off to a nice start.

TOTD – Deep Dish – Stranded (Radio Mix)

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