Cruel Summer

This is that part of the summer where Daniel Larusso and a thousand other kids start another year of high school and everyone’s got 2 pimp. The soundtrack is ‘Cruel Summer’: my new August mix with some funky house, techno, electro house and a little bit of trance. There’s also a big progressive jam by Greg Downey at the 30:30 mark that should not be missed either.
EDX – Sunset Miracles

Philip D – Airport (Addy van der Zwan Remix)
Ray Foxx (UK) – Furious Foxx
Jaz von D – Introfuse
Mike Hawkins & Pablo Oliveros – Slump
Robbie Buri – Exodus
Mell Tierra – The Anthem
Greg Downey presents R.I.C.O. – Afraid Of The Dark
Evol Waves – Nobody Knows
Radion 6 – Watch Out!

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