Radio Activity

In this scene, I take about 40 or so 7” records and toss ‘em up in an electronic mix that spans 40 years. The point is to show that good electronic music is timeless. I made a 110 minute mixtape and then realized hardly anyone does tapes these days, SOOOO…I ripped Side A onto a CD and here ya have it: part one of my 1969-2009 45 Toss Up Mix. It’s from my fantasy series Jaxlore Radio Show. Again, I did 20 discs so find me if you’d like one. If you’re old school, I have two more cassettes left made up with my trademark 1990s extended-J-card sleeve featuring both parts. Enjoy.

Jaxlore Radio Show 1969-2009 45 Toss Up Mix Part 1

Man On The Moon narrated by Walter Cronkite
Kraftwerk – Kometenmelodie
Westwood & Cash – Psycho For Your Love
Kraftwerk – Computerlove [7″ Mix]
Cybotron – Cosmic Cars
Art Of Noise – Beat Box [7″ Mix]
Art Of Noise – Beat Box (Diversion 10)
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green [7″ Mix]
Yello – I Love You
Boris Badenough – Hey Rocky! [7″ Mix]
Stanton Miranda – Wheels Over Indian Trails [7″ Mix]
New Order – Shame Of The Nation [7″ Mix]
Todd Terry – Back To The Beat [7″ Mix]
Nitzer Ebb – Let Your Body Learn (DM Hansa Mix)
Human Resource – The Joke (Single Edit)
Pet Shop Boys – Was It Worth It? (Dub)

Jaxlore Radio Show 1969-2009 45 Toss Up Mix Part 2

Bootsy Collins – Everything Is Everything
FC/Kahuna – Hayling (Original 7″)
DJ Shadow – Stem (Cops ‘N’ Robbers)
Tortoise – Madison Area
Saint Etienne – Gimp Crisis
Depeche Mode – The Darkest Star (Monolake Remix)
Fatboy Slim – Radioactivity
Rainbow Arabia – Without You (Version)
Daniel Ash vs Zak Ambrose – Rock On (Space Echo Mix)
Blank & Jones + Bernard Sumner – Miracle Cure (Radio Edit)
Erasure – Storm In A Teacup (Single Version)
Cozmos 2 Flyer Flexidisc 03.02.96
Man On The Moon narrated by Walter Cronkite
National Safety Council presents America’s Junior Miss – Drugs and Driving

1969-2009 45 Toss Up Mix Part 1 by JAXLORE

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