Just say Detroit!

Well folks yesterday was just amazing!!! At first we had our worries, we walked out the door and it was pouring rain, but by the time got downtown the rain has stopped and it was drying, up. It was a dreary looking gray, but that did stop the music. At first stop we stuck our heads in the real Detroit tent, they know how to get their party on early with Norm Talley stirring up trouble. Then we ran over to go catch one my favorite ambient acts Higher Intelligence Agency. Now I haven’t heard a lot from him in years but I used to love him, so to hear him without going to the uk was a dream come true. He sound so good it brought tears to my eyes, and the sound on general for this festival is amazing!!!! Every tent and stage sounds so sweet you feel every beat literally. Some other insane highlights of the day were Pier Bucci, this guy laid down some of the best minmal tech sound i have heard in one place, the Beatport/Native Intrument stage where he played was packed like sardines the whole day. The reggae/dub stylee of Rythm and Sound was on point, they brought out some legendary dub mcs to host there 6 hour set and full of thick, smokee flavor. Then we got barrage with a sonic assault from the likes of DJ Surgeon, Scan7 and Octave One, I wanted to go to some of the other tents but the vibe would not let go. After that we went and listened to the house legend Moodyman and his full on band and caught Marco Carola afterwards. We had a hard decision to make last night to hit Ghostly or DJ Bone. Well since we always mange to see our Ghostly friends, we wanted to try to of the local Subject Detroit sounds. DJ Bone was insane slappin’ down the vinyl he had the crowd freaking out.
So we got a little rain this morning were gonna go hit up the breakfast house for some of there legendary french toast, and then off the festival. Stayed tune for our next update!!!

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