DM Debacle

Right, so I’m a big DM fan and was eagerly anticipating the June 7th release date of this remix comp. There is a 1-disc version and a 3-disc version and of course I was aiming to score that 3-disc. I was already planning a trip to Worst Buy, this being one of the few records I could actually buy there and I had visited DM’s website the weekend prior just to fawn over the tracklisting again and get all jazzed up for the new remixes.

So release day goes by, I’m trying to make a living. It’s now Friday night, I’m ready to start the weekend with a new album and so I make another visit to the DM website. There’s a press release dated June 7th. Apparently a select few record stores in the US got free promo 12”s of ‘Personal Jesus 2011’ with some rare b-sides to give away with the comp. The same 12” that is going for $30-$95 on eBay. FUUUUUUCK! Must. Have. Twelve inch. Being nighttime, the stores on the press release list were closed. At the stroke of 10am Saturday morning however, I was on the horn.

Miami: sold out Wednesday. Orlando: sold out day of release. Atlanta: same story. Just about everybody in the southeast US had given them out and the ones that had ‘em either didn’t do mail order or ran out of comps and had to reorder and weren’t SURE whether they did mail order. Some interactions were less than inspired for sure. On the list, though, I noticed a store in the Panhandle, near Panama City: Central Square Records. Called them up, they too had the 12” but had to re-order the 3xCD.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when the order was placed. It came in the next day and it was mailed out with the promo 12” on Friday. I just got it. Success! I can’t wait to get into it and see what these remixes are all about…

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