Dan D’ Mantra RIP

I remember the first time I met Dan D’ Mantra it was at the record bin sometime in the late 90s. I was digging through a crate of records at Tom Johannes old store, and he had a turntable hooked up to the sound system and then out of the blue somebody starts totally rocking out to a electro track and I look over and there is Dan a big old smile on his face, totally excited about his latest find, hands in the air. That was my first encounter with Dan who was to become a regular staple in the Jacksonville scene for many years to come. His passion for music and his positive outlook kept him djing and dancing all over Jacksonville and Florida. Championing Enation.org Dan kept up as a steward for the old school hang out, pre-facebook and even myspace. I feel blessed that I got a chance to say hi to Dan just a few weeks ago at Pro Bono as he threw down just as Dan does. His positive vibes will leave a long lasting imprint on Jacksonville and for that I say thank you Dan, you always had a big old smile for everyone and that I will truly miss.

Our thoughts go out to Dan’s family, his wife Athena and his daughter.
There will be a benefit show on August  September 21st @ TSI.
Here is some of his music
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Dan, you will be missed. I first met Dan after Ben introduced us in 2000. From there it was a crazy ride of shows and debauchery when I returned to the states in 2005. We had a great time hanging out. Unfortunately, I had to move on to San Diego and I only saw him a handful of times during trips to visit friends in Florida. I just wish I had one more day to hang out with you before leaving. R.I.P.