Fire Breathin’


Marco Bailey
Dragon Man
Bedrock Records
2xCD / MP3
Release date: 02 14 11

Fantastic bit this is: it shuffles in the right places has the depth of any great Chris Fortier record (and kinda has the aesthetic of Fortier’s ‘As Long As The Moment Exists’ album) and gets tribal but with perspective. Its like the tribal elements of Steve Porter without the shameless funk. There are chilled openers and closers, as well as a downtempo midpoint ‘Holding The Moment’ which are great transitioners. ‘Bill The Trumpet Player’. as the name suggests is fonky and jazzy, ‘Bom Bang!’ is essentially Marco Bailey’s take on Saints & Sinners’ ‘Pushin’ Too Hard’ and the others will fit in just about any dope mid-tempo house or techno set. Disc Two is mixed and adds two tracks: ‘Jungle Laps’ and the title track from Marco’s recent 12” on Bedrock, ‘Watergate’. Check this. 7/10


Bedrock 12
Compiled by John Digweed
Bedrock Records
2xCD / MP3
Release date: 10 04 10

If you haven’t caught this already, do yourself a favor and pick one up from Amazon for about 10 bucks. 21 unmixed tracks from Quivver, Wiretappeur, Nick Warren, Misstress Barbara, King Unique, Christian Smith, John Digweed & Nick Muir, Alan Fitzpatrick, Wehbba and Robert Babicz!!! ‘Nuff said. 8/10

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