Epic monolith

Bostonian Andrew Bayer‘s been doing a few singles for the Anjuna crew here and there and a few months back dropped a monster of a debut album I would be remiss if I didn’t push on somebody. The first two opening cuts are a surprise: beautiful metallic operatic glitch-hop. They fade into one of my favorite jams this year, ‘Counting The Points’, the true ground zero for this album. It has a long panoramic intro that works into a big-time warped synth-line kinda like Boards of Canada at Love Parade. This synth line returns once the 4/4 beat comes in and really hits a grand slam. Perfect opener to get things started quickly. The next four tracks are each different flavors but one prog-trance bomb after the other. The closer is a downtempo thing that leads you out of this record gracefully. Bayer has a sound that is slightly different from the rest. Could it be the fact he’s American, I don’t know. The Anjuna boys seem to always do right with their artist albums, releasing them sparsely and keeping the quality high. Well worth the money. 8/10
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