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11/15: In The Loop Sessions @ Eagles




Do you remember the advent of “bro rock”? From like, 2000 for damn near the whole decade every cock rock band that was hot were some white dudes who sung in the key of ‘sup bro’. During those early years, the college cats were going to mainstream clubs (read: hip-hop and R&B) and the EDM scene at the time was being eaten from the inside out with everyone OD’d on trance and the whole RAVE Act thing. Blah blah blah and on and on, but if you ever had the sad duty of listening to Planet Radio, there it was: BRO ROCK!

Now, electronic dance music IS that hip-hop scene from ’02 and many of today’s American under-25 DJs have that same complex. It’s not an age thing, it’s an “I’m-an-American-DB” thing. Look guy, I know you’re the coolest motherfucker of all time, you wear knock-off Ray-Ban Wayfarers, you have 2,000 likes on Facebook, all of your flyers have neon pink on them and you have no Discogs profile. I gots that.

My point is that it is hard to see the artistic merit from the cats who are cheap to book all the way to groups like Adventure Club. Look, Icey was the equivalent before them and there were artists before (and after) all those guys. It is the empty calorie of EDM. Rockin’ a party is the point but the market wasn’t so saturated with what it is right now. We have a shit-saturated EDM market right now. EDM once had share value. Now, everyone is a selector. You could argue it evens the playing field but it is the clubbers who lose because they only hear the worst music IN THE WORLD and think it’s sick….bro.

Judge for yourself. When you know better, you do better.

Now, onto greener pastures…

dark matters

Thomas P. Heckmann has accomplished a lot in the last 22 years from recording on Harthouse (as Drax) to working with Nitzer Ebb to mastering a shit-ton of techno records to his latest work, ‘Dark Matters’, which is on the fiercest techno label going right now. Nachtstrom Schallplatten releases one bruiser after another and this one is no exception. I’ve never been a sound system purist but you need a good one to hear all the nuances in this album. There’s a 2xLP and a CD but shhhh…the CD has two secret bonus cuts from the remix 12″s, one of which is by Kraemer & Niereich. K&N’s four-star album from late last year (‘Brett’, also on Nachtstrom) is still punishing my decks but ‘Dark Matters’ is the official entry into the cold season. There are two colored vinyl remix 12″s as well: light green swirl and dark green swirl. Yes, they’re all bad ass. Let it reign!


Anybody out there trying to figure out what sounds were down in the underground before you got down could do worse than the latest 12″ on R&S. It’s this great thing from Tessela who uses drum breaks and samples I haven’t heard in a while but translated to the sensibilities of 2013. It’s break’d out!! ‘Nancy’s Pantry’ is the title and is available from all good shops. I reckon a St. Bernardus Abt 12 goes great with this 12! But you don’t hafta take my word for it…

More tomorrow…

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