David Guetta/Chase Bank/Pitchfork (Tag Team Set)

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Yesterday, many people read Pitchfork writer Philip Sherburne’s apology-letter-cloaked-as-an-op-ed piece to David Guetta about his partnership with Chase bank. Chase’s customers who then registered with ApplePay got earlier access to his new digital download. Wow.

I share Sherburne’s anti-capitalist feelings on the issue (though not his cheap shot at Guetta’s age) however, this is not the first time big artists have teamed up with financial institutions’ customers to offer perks. It has been done in the concert ticket industry for years now. It is legal. But…is it ethical for artists to ink deals, based on Chase’s questionable activities (originally reported in Rolling Stone mentioned in the Pitchfork piece)? That’s for Guetta to decide and for the fans to decide if we want to buy in.

The part that burned most though is when Sherburne suggested Guetta donate his take to ProPublica. The donate suggestion was fine. Look, I watch Frontline religiously. I like the investigative journalism ProPublica produces. They are a non-profit organization. Now… see what these people get paid versus the contributions they receive and maybe you wonder what’s capitalist. Is Sherburne’s suggestion even practical? Again, for Guetta and the EDM massive to decide.

Endzeit: think for yourselves and know there are three sides to each story.


This is a new 12″ that remixes two classic Sven Vath classics. ‘L’Esperanza’, a classic ’93 jam and his debut alongside his ’94 jam ‘The Beauty And The Beast’ by Tuff City Kids. The former will appear on John Digweeed’s ‘Live In Toronto‘ but the 12″ is scorching and the foil-blocked debossed sleeve is absolutely killer. Listen here.

meda fury

Meda Fury is a new imprint from the folks at R&S and have been putting out stuff from artists all over the world. Damon Bell’s ‘Hue-Man Made EP’ and the brand one by OL (‘Scape Border EP’) are really killing it right now. Check out this organic-style house and see what the movement’s doing.

where you gonna go

running on a rainy day

So…two new singles from the Paul White CD/download from R&S. This is some really great stuff. Not only is the album a great downtempo and percusssive balearic house outing, the remix and b-sides from the singles take it up a notch. You can listen and buy ‘Where You Gonna Go?’ here and ‘Running On A Rainy Day’ here but I really want to share the videos of the originals. They really are something special. Just good new music.

‘Where You Gonna Go’ video

‘Running On A Rainy Day’ video


Last but not least, Pig & Dan return with a corker of an EP on their Elevate label. Just released on vinyl, this one has the force comin’ on strong with the title track ‘Sandstorm’. ‘Power’ samples the 1990 jam of the (almost) same name to devastating effect and the closer ‘There’s No Turning Back’ gets dark n’ dirty. I’ve heard some Pig & Dan deniers out there but this one truly deserves a glance. On 12″ and digital download.


Finally, a killer warm and proggy techno 2-track slab of 127 bpm goodness by the way of Italian Luca Ballerini and ‘L’eternita Di Un Attimo’ and it’s b-side, the equally powerful and driving ‘Variable Zero’ (which reminds me of circa-1996 Dave Angel). Listen to the a-side here and you’ll see a link for ‘Variable Zero’ to the right. You will not be disappointed. Quality all the way and the vinyl’s on Juno so knock yourself out.

TOTD: Sven Vath – Beauty And The Beast (Tuff City Kids Remix)

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