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I wonder how many local jocks are reading Resident Advisor. It is not the end-all-be-all of EDM current events but has been one of the best sites in the field in the last decade. They are certainly a great news aggregator and this following piece from the BBC is no exception. However, I’d like to air a few thoughts before I post the link:

The local jocks I talk to around town lately seem to say the same things and I have counterpoints:

1. “Vinyl is too expensive.”

When stores in FL stopped carrying new 12″ imports they were charging $13.99+tax which is the same amount you pay on Juno (even when you select FedEx delivered to your doorstep within 24 hours from London – how convenient is that?! – you’re not paying anymore than you were circa 2004-2009).

2. “I’m planning on getting some new wax and incorporating it into sets with my old wax.”

So do it, then. Noting wrong with playing old wax (as long as it’s sprinkled in at the right time or you’re doing a proper old-school set) but the fact is, some jocks in Jax want to be associated with “droppin’ wax” and it ends up being a full set of dusty, dog-eared, scratchy 12″s from no later than 2002 that have little cultural relevance to 2014. How about playing an old classic that has been remixed for the new crowds. Pick your fave mix of Inner City’s ‘Good Life’ from ’88 and mix it into an MP3 of the new Pig & Dan re-interpretation (‘cuz there IS no 12″) and step up your game. Wow us and educate us. Fill the floor. That is the point.

Which takes me to my last and most important point:

3. If local DJs set the bar as high as they say they would for vinyl purchases versus the low bar they seem to use for digital downloads, you’d have cuts with a longer shelf life and less half-baked producers releasing pap.

More importantly, you’d have digital DJs playing better music than the free Soundcloud material or worse, stolen downloads many use now. And face it, few jocks are buying their downloads. The artist doesn’t get paid for their art and effort. I imagine it’s like the feeling of being stiffed at a gig. And no one deserves that.

Treat yourself to wax. Set the bar so high, you’d want to play this track 6 months, a year or more down the line. That’s what great music is supposed to do (and DID, for decades). Plus, the quality is superior.

Do you really need that controller and the laptop with thousands of songs for that one-hour set? Shouldn’t the tracks just carry themselves with minimal fiddling? It worked for almost 30 years and the people sure as hell weren’t afraid to dance. You’d think it was fucking ‘Footloose’ in Jax and that there was a ban on dancing. So all the knob twiddling hasn’t really helped, guys. And I’m being Gentle Justin.

Now, the link. Enjoy.

speicher 76

Also, please check this review of the latest in the Kompakt series. Hope it stays on form going forward but the review is spot on.

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