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R&S Records‘ latest 12″ by Tessela is following a trend as of late: breaky as hell and a nod to the hardcore styles of the early 90s. Where were you in ’92? If you weren’t into EDM, get your feet wet with this interview and a link to the video for ‘Nancy’s Pantry’, which should have your hands up in no time.

carl craig

I love when Pitchfork does these 5-10-15-20 segments when artists get to talk about records they listened to in life. It reminds me that some of these people weren’t always the fucking vanguard of cool. This installment from techno don Carl Craig was an interesting read, if not as laughable as the one from Kathleen Hanna. Big ups to Orbital and Egyptian Lover!

in the loop

Just thought I’d mention brother Byron’s In The Loop Sessions event at TSI on the 4th as Eagles has been 86’d. No more Friday night Indian dinners on Baymeadows Road. *plays TPIR fail horn*

ken ishii

Japanese techno idol Ken Ishii will have a new EP on 12″ and digital formats out soon from that decades old purveyor of quality, Harthouse. This will be a nice way to open up 2014. Y’all can party at Fontainebleau with Miley and Afrojack.

altern 8

Tonight’s bid for UK Christmas #1 comes from probably the most hallowed hardcore act of all time, Altern 8. They hit #3 with ‘Activ 8’ in 1991 and with a grip of new remixes for this special event, they make the play to covet this year’s top spot. I can’t say enough about Altern 8’s place in EDM history. Hardcore was the precursor to drum and bass. You could spend an afternoon (and I could write a term paper) getting into the discography of this band but I’ll sum it up with the Altern 8 Megamix (which came as a free 12″ in their only LP and which I used to play out unapologetically). Top one, nice one, get sorted!

TOTD: John Digweed & Nick Muir vs Henry Saiz – Lupine

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