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bpm 2015

1/9 – 1/18 – BPM Festival (they’ve announced their first wave of acts)

jelly tones

10 Japanese techno classics from the 1990’s (a must read)…

nina kraviz

Photographer Salvatore Di Gregorio has 120 DJs caught and photographed immediately after the gigs – in all kinds of moods.


Remember Detroit powerhouse techno/electro duo Aux88? They certainly were a part of my electro sets (read: breakdance, not the 00’s bastardization of the term). Well, they’re back again and a nice story catches us up…

cocoon compilation n

I believe this review of Sven Vath’s label Cocoon’s annual compilation (in a 6xLP+CD box set as well as a CD and DD) was treated a little unfairly in the RA review. I am glad some comments derided the reviewer for usually favoring 20-something Berliners. Look, this is a 15 year-old German label, headed by (recently turned) 50-year old Vath and contains a host of newbies and veterans. This comp is slammin’! Go for the limited t0 500 box set while supplies last. In the meantime, check this review although I bet Metacritic will show it faired better elsewhere. Point is, any ‘old’ label (Kompakt, Cocoon, Harthouse, Plastic City, Bedrock, et. al.) is more than capable of delivering those techno goods. Otherwise, would they even be in business?

And like one commentor said, check the ride cymbal on Sam Paganini’s ‘Labyrinth’. Brother, that’s all you had to say…

acid thunder

This review nailed it pretty good (although I would have gone 4.5 out of 5, we must respect  opinions and subjective reviews). Check the beast of a tracklist on here. These are so cheap on Amazon that  all DJs, fans, and freaks who give two squirts of piss about history and some of the illest trax ever put 2 wax, check out what RA had to say…

dave clarke

FACT magazine has posted a video where everyone’s favorite techno-grouch (realist, idealist) where Dave says there will be a massive fallout from EDM. Can he speak truth to power? (Answer: yes…and worse)…

Now to events…

phuktoberfest iii

10/31 – Phuktoberfest III @ 1904


11/8 – BT @ Eclipse Nightclub

TOTD: Sven Vath – L’Esperanza (Ame Reinterpretation)

…and many more new reviews to follow. Jaxlore HQ got a bunch new 12s, LPs, CDs and everything else to share with you in the coming days and weeks…

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