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10/25: Pixelated presents Nerdyween

Not really sure if this belongs on JaxLORE but some friends are going and judging by the last quarter century, Jacksonville’s always gonna be a third world city for EDM so get your party on here. That’s right, we’re never gonna see Petar Dundov, Space Dimension Controller or Robert Hood in Jax. And if you don’t know who those acts are, just keep banging your Steve Aoki and act like ya know. Bro.


10/26: Bangarang @ TSI

Anyone else notice how snarky it’s getting in clubland lately? It’s like 2000 all over again. Over the top outfits, the worst EDM masquerading as next level shit and no, you don’t need four CDJ-2000s to rock it. It just looks cool, which makes it obvious: the masses have chosen style over substance. Again.

Ok, check this out: At the club, has anyone ever run four CDJs at once for over sixty seconds? AND did anybody listening notice the difference? Didn’t think so.

unf edc

Fellow underclassmen, check this page out if you haven’t already and subsidize that party.


Let go of what you thought was hot and check out the ADE Buzz Chart Top 30 for this week, courtesy of DMC World. Really, anybody who claims to be a DJ, fan or freak should have this page bookmarked. DMC celebrates 30 years in 2013 too, if I’m not mistaken.


If you were hittin’ the clubs or buying 12s back in ’96, you know Perfecto Fluoro was RUNNING. Man With No Name ‘Sugar Rush’, the Virus singles…ok, I won’t school ya. Well, 15 years and a few million dollars later, Oakenfold finally relaunched Perfecto and Perfecto Fluoro (for the umpteenth time) and the jocks are caning it again. Read what the King Don is up to in 2013 and check him out at Gryphon in Hollywood on 12/14. And, Matt Caulder, he mentions Simple Minds so I know you’re gonna click on that link.

More to follow…

NTOTD: Pet Shop Boys – Love Is A Bourgeois Construct

OTOTD: Cameo – Money (Reese Revamp Mix)

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