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Cybordelics was a project that found wild success on the original Harthouse imprint due to this one single. Harthouse began as Sven Vath’s sublabel of Eye-Q in ’92, which itself was a dance sublabel of Warners Germany. Now, the Harthouse label has carried on, Boris Brejcha being it’s shining star in 2013, but these remixes, which came out on vinyl several weeks ago, prior to it’s costly release on those corporate sluts we call Beatport, are available to all. If you haven’t heard these, check them. Best yet, there’s no Martin Garrix remixes on ’em!

cupid's head

Yep, The Field is back with another critically acclaimed 2xLP+CD/CD/digital release that is sure to please all the indie-dancers and underground EDM aficionados.Which is to say, not many in Jacksonville (and that was another shameless plea for ALL OF US to up our underground game and keep it less provincial). Look at this glowing Pitchfork review (whose reviews have been atrocious as of late). N-E-wayz, check the samples and you will not be disappointed. Order this bad boy wherever you see fit although frankly, buying a legitimate copy is usually less than spending for digital and ya get the thrill of cracking open some new shrink wrap (anyone who started DJing post-2003 probably doesn’t know what I’m on about but trust me, the smell is decadent).

should be higher

Another item of mention, Depeche Mode (who absolutely KILLED this song in Tampa – much better than the YouTube vid floating around) drops the third single from their new album ‘Delta Machine’ on the 14th. Remixes come from Koen Groeneveld (who runs Spinnin’ Records’ techno sublabel Abzolut) and the acid -squelchiness of MPIA3 who had a successful 2xEP on R&S late last year. It’ll be on CD Single, CD Maxi-Single and those crummy, overpriced digital versions, but check the tracklist:

CD Single

1. Should Be Higher (Spike Single Mix)

2. Should Be Higher (Little Vampire Remix)

CD Maxi Single

1. Should Be Higher (Jim Jones Revue Remix)

2. Should Be Higher (Little Vampire Remix)

3. Should Be Higher (MAPS Remix)

4. Should Be Higher (Jim Sclavunos From Grinderman Remix)

5. Should Be Higher (Little Vampire Remix)

12″ Single

1. Should Be Higher (Truss Remix)

2. Should Be Higher (MPIA3 Definition)

3. Should Be Higher (Koen Groeneveld Massive Remix)

4. Should Be Higher (Pangaea Dub)

5. Should Be Higher (Uberzone Remix)

6. Should Be Higher (DJMREX Dub Remix)

love is a


Finally, I wanna mention the new PSB single, which dropped digitally a few weeks ago but we’re shelling out for the gatefold, glossy CD Maxi the right way. It can be bought from the PSB shop (who are having a massive, MASSIVE tour right now and are still putting other EDM acts to total shame after 29 years in the game (did I mention they are the UK’s and EDM’s most successful duo of all time with well over 45 singles to their credit). Tracklisting is here and an there’s even NEWER single (the 4th from ‘Electric’, called “Thursday” (w/ UK rapper Example, dropping on November 4th on a 4-track CD Single and 3-track 12″) with Tensnake and Eddie Amador remixes but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Check these out and check the exclusive version on this Soundcloud page and get in where ya fit in. It ain’t all Firebeatz and Adventure Club, sucka.

OTOTD: Essence Of Nature – Blue Lotus

NTOTD: Dominik Eulberg – Das Ibizenkische Wohlfuhlaroma

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Doc says:

Would like to here the Pangaea mix of DM a little hyper dub action. I didn’t know über zone was still around 🙂

Justin says:

If the Koen Groeneveld remix is even half as hot as that Gregor Tresher vinyl remix of ‘Soothe My Soul’ our floors will be happy.