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Since everyone is posting this picture on every blog in creation – why not us. Hey, it’s a pretty good album. On one hand, its going to get synth-leery, beard-scratching rockist hipsters closer to dance music. On the other, as some troller said about a track (and you’ll know the cut): “If I wanted to hear motherfucking ‘Good Life’ [Inner City], I would have played motherfucking ‘Good Life’.” Point taken (but a dope cut).

But hell, this week’s buzz surrounding really, just a decent album, has gotten to the point I’m not surprised there isn’t an incessant Caribou twitter-feed and Caribou Cam and a What Would Caribou Do game app.

Thing is nowadays, artist’s don’t preface an album with one or two big singles. Think of Pet Shop Boys’ most successful album, ‘Very”. On 05 31 93, the first single, ‘Can You Forgive Her’ (with solid MK & Rollo mixes) dropped. That got the buzz machine going

Then, 09 06 93 saw the release of the seminal ‘Go West’ (with even more awesome versions by Kevin Saunderson, Brothers In Rhythm, and Farley & Heller). Hype machine was in effect mode. 09 27 93 saw the release of ‘Very’ (a limited 2xCD version came with the EDM EP ‘Relentless’) and the frenzy was at it’s peak.

Today, however, the first “single” is the announcement of the album. Case in point, the latest Caribou album. There was one-sided 12″ for ‘Can’t Do Without You’ (oh, wow) on 07 16 14. Then, the album leaked and an ‘Our Love’ 12″ on the 29th with one other mix by Snaith alias Daphni came out (again: wow). That was the second single. More press. And now the album’s dropped. Big buzz. But just like Aphex’s ‘Syro’, watch… There’ll either be no single (from Aphex), not another single or hopefully one or two. Hopefully. But the excitement will die quickly.

On the other hand, PSB let three more tracks ride off ‘Very’ (four if you count those delicious Jam & Spoon mixes of ‘Young Offender’ and the others featured equally slammin’ versions). They kept that vibe alive all the way through 1994 until thee seminal mix CD ‘Disco 2’ done by Danny Rampling (get the 2xCD version – it’s well worth it). That does not happen today. Vibe and buzz dies a fast death. And buzz is a single now.

fact mix 464

Paul White’s gonna be my artist of the week. Behind the scenes for a decade, he’s just released a new album and 12″ on R&S and has contributed a free FACT Mix. Download it, read his bio, and I promise you will be satisfied. Mix of the week hands down. The CD is dirt cheap on Amazon and Juno’s got the vinyl. But let me remind you, R&S and Apollo vinyl is cut low. That’s why CDs still run shit sometimes.

Coming soon we’re gonna do a 2014 review rundown – the best of the rest so far. We wish to share some great underground music with our punters: the DJs, fans and freaks.

TOTD: John Digweed & Nick Muir vs Pig & Dan – Morphism (Extended Play Remix)

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