Quiet Storm

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quiet storm

January’s usually a slow one here at Jaxlore HQ. We’re recovering from the holidays, playing out the best of the rest of 2014 and setting ourselves up for another year of debauchery (well, some of us). Quiet storm is also a metaphor for the state of things around here: the fact that for years, as in many scenes, throwing shade has been the preferred way to deal. Well, I’m glad these two fellow native New Yorkers could give fuck-all about that. Slow To Speak have been ripping new assholes for a few months for FACT and if you haven’t checked out any of their pieces, this month’s is as good as any. Of course, nothing is totally gospel: Lil’ Wayne still sucks, guys.

In non-EDM news, apparently Jack White is getting his own baseball card. Maybe they’ll have these for sale at Deep Search on Record Store Day after Jack ties up all the pressing plants to do Haxan Cloak remixes of ‘Lazaretto’ on blood-spattered vinyl for $50. Just kidding, beardmen but I do have a Deep Search sticker on my record box since I found a Snap! double-pack from ’92 for 2 bucks. Je suis Riverside.

There’s also a new Sony Walkman out that’ll set you back $1200.

Enough for now. There’s new stuff in technoworld we want to share and we’re still working out our favorites of 2014 so we’ll post that mess tomorrow. You can snicker only if you can rattle off your top 10 tracks and albums.

Didn’t think so.

TOTD: Jaydee – Dance With Me (Mix 1)

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