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6/21: DJ Icey, Kelly Reverb, Dave Berg and Farace @ Eclipse


6/26: Chris Fortier and Dave Cannalte @ Sound Bar 

voodoo ultra lounge

I sense a high bro-quotient here but we’re gonna give it a go:

6/27: Dejavoo Fridays @ Voodoo Ultra Lounge


6/28: Electric Boogaloo 2 @ Eclipse

Before we go any further, I have to say my two cents on Eclipse events which has less to do with Eclipse per se (it is a cool venue) or (much) of the talent booked although they are somewhat tied to track selection, my biggest gripe.

The upcoming 6/28 show above features two guys I’ve known in the scene about 19, 20 years and while their last set was fun (the reunion of Ray Mueller and Robert Goodman made the night) I was not hoping for pitched-up-breaks most of the night. The lower that pitch knob falls, the more cartoon-y it gets. And mid-90s tracks were faster than today’s fare to begin with. 120-128 BPM is practically the order of the day in 2014. I hope for a little bit o’ 4/4 this go around (fast or not) – but those two are just great jocks anyway. Respect!

Which leads me to my second gripe (and this is slightly satirical with a large dose of truth). In 2010, through personal visits and word-on-the-street, it came to my attention that the Icey remixes of Nalin & Kane’s ‘Beachball’ had been played three weeks in a row. Now look, I own that CD single and while I’m not Icey’s biggest fan, I think those versions were among his best work (though the Hooj Choons 2×12″ from ’97 will be in my heart forever).

I had decided to write a mock ‘Notice Of Violation’ at the time (again, partially true, partially satrical) which I will post below in lieu of tonight’s show. The Icey versions of ‘Beachball’ are officially played out, like Josh Wink’s ‘Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin’ Acid Funk)’ – I still stand by the opinion they need to be practically decommissioned and played in only the most warranted of occasions. So here it goes, then off to more events:


The following serves as public notice that as of September 25, 2010 at 1:27 AM, Eclipse night-club is in violation of Rave Code [RC] 420(e)(69): “No establishment shall engage in the broadcasting of any DJ Icey version of Nalin & Kane’s ‘Beachball’ for three consecutive Saturdays.”

Infraction shall result in three (3) proposed resolutions:

(1) Permanent cessation of ever playing said ‘Beachball’ versions. Please. For the love of God, there are other breaks tracks. Great new ones and great unsung classics. Play and educate while entertaining and keep breaks alive.

(2) Current suggestion of patrons having a five (5) tattoo minimum shall be relaxed to a two (2) tattoo minimum.

(3) All male patrons shall cease to engage in conversations indirectly implying that “My cock is bigger than your cock.” We get it bro: you’re a tough guy. You rule.

We look forward to clubbing with you again in the future.


derrick carter

7/25: Derrick Carter @ The Social


9/13: Erasure @ House Of Blues

I suspect their new LP and tour, finalizing it’s kickoff, will be more on the Pet Shop Boys ‘Electric’ side, given that the last PSB record was their highest-ever reviewed and the tour has been an unparalleled success (it is now in it’s second year) so check this Erasure gig at all costs ($46 G/A + service fee – but I predict this is Erasure’s last visit). Just listen to the clip on Erasure’s homepage and visit the concerts link (now’z the time 2 re-up on glowsticks, kids)…


9/25: Front 242 @ The Orpheum (their only southeastern U.S. show)


11/18: Caribou @ The Social (new LP out 10/6 but wait for the merch table)

underground sound of ibiza

Bedrock is one of the strongest labels going at the moment, 15 1/2 years after it’s first bona fide release as a label. John Digweed was interviewed exclusively for DMC World (the ex-parent company and founder of MixMag (later sold) and facilitator of the DMC DJ Championships) for his latest release, currently soliciting pre-orders. Please take a minute to read and hear from an underground master in every truest sense of the word. Hell, the guy autographs your releases and throwz in freebies all the time. Link to Bedrock shop here (prices are reasonable, unlike R&S’s).

salt tank

After a 13 year hiatus, one of those most influential trance, progressive house and downtempo pioneers, Salt Tank, have returned (my prayers have honestly been answered). They have a comeback track on Solarstone’s soon-to-be-released ‘Electronic Architecture 3’ (a phenomenal series in its own right – details soon) and I’m ecstatic. Any one who’s ever heard 1996’s ‘Eugina (Pacific Diva)’ or the Hooj Choons-released ‘Dimension (Voices Of Reason Mix)’  from ’99 will agree. Better complete my discography now ‘cuz this is when prices start jumpin’.

NTOTD1: Darren Emerson – Feel It

NTOTD2: Dave Angel – Keep It

OTOTD: Salt Tank – Eugina (Leama Mix)

More to follow ASAP. Any scenester who would like to contribute to the blog, please comment and we will be happy to meet with you.

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