4 Channels, 10 Tops & A Top 5

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Rane is about to drop the next level in rotary mixers. This is the soon-to-be-released MP2016. Rotaries have always been my favorite and the MP2016 series has been phenomenal over the last 15 years. Plus, they’re American made. This new one has options galore. Supposed list price for it is somewhere south of $2999 but that has not been officially released. “Boutique” DJs (lol) and elitists the world over comment here.


A total fan boy picks ten top mixes from Frankie Knuckles over the course of his career. The piece is a must-read for it’s story but essentially, for those mixes! I would have liked to have been at the Sound Factory in ’91 to hear him close with ‘The Whistle Song’. Decadent, I’m sure.

My Top 5 Tracks of 2014

1. Luix Spectrum & Fabrizio Pettorelli – Chemtrails

This is an absolute beast of Deutschland tekkno displaying some of the fiercest energy I have heard in a couple of years. Dark, darker and darkest. On the famed Nachtstrom Schallplatten label (of course).

2. Kraak & Smaak – Mountain Top

The Spinnin’ Records famliy finally got their shit back together in 2014 with the restart of Spinnin’ Deep (which this cut is on) and the proggy SPRS (think Dusky ‘Yoohoo’). Not the biggest K&S fan here but the Eddy Grant sample and the Inner City synth stabs make this a clear winner. Good luck mixing out of it (there’s actually a radio edit too which probably clocks in at around two minutes).

3. Maceo Plex – Conjure Superstar

Yes, this was in half of Ibiza’s record boxes but I just liked it as the best track on Kompakt’s annual Total 2xCD (‘Total 14’). Then I found out it was on a lotta people’s playlists. Not in jax, though. This got a red vinyl release and, seriously, is a total fucking corker. The video can be viewed here.

4. Gui Boratto – Take Control (Weval Mix)

You know, some Gui Boratto is awesome and some makes me feel limp. The original of this (also on ‘Total 14’) is just ok but this version by Weval (the inside cut on the 12’s Side B) just exudes pressure and intensity. There’s a break in the middle and when it comes back it hits so hard and so smooth. “Take……..take……..take……..take……..” Brilliant!

5. Alan Fitzpatrick – For Fear Tonight Is All

Alan puts out some of the highest quality techno out there, period point blank. His latest 12″ for Drumcode is critical (and thus, I snuck both tracks on my latest SC mix, to be uploaded shortly) but this bad boy here, released on Sven Vath’s annual Compilation (‘L’ – a 6xLP+CD box set-type deal on translucent aquamarine wax) gives you a CD edit which starts out with dark melody and no drums and the 12″ version has a more mixable intro (and is featured in the link above, also the official video). I use the CD version as a set starter and it immediately makes the vibe your own. Just awesome.

TOTD: Alex Niggeman – Tarkus

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