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Good day, all. We have some news and music as always but in doing that, we are still pushing for Jax to broaden it’s horizons and for your efforts, too.

Sometimes that means pushing the envelope here in Cowford (who has more to aspire to in the EDM world than in the sometimes WASPy-live indie rock-craft beer-I’m an artist-world which Jax pretty much has on lock) and sometimes that means just getting the hell out of town (a choice always on the table for the last two decades).

JAX List Of Raves and Events has always striven to be taken at face value. Without pretension. We want to provide a service to the local DJs, fans and freaks and foster the true meaning of PLUR.

So let’s move forward. We have a lot on the breakfast plate.


01/03 – 01/12: The BPM Festival @ Playa Del Carmen [Mexico]

If you have any chance of doing this, plane tix are $380 out of ATL and the lineup features a true global village of innovators. They tend to keep the douchebag factor down on this festival so if you’ve never been to MX, make it your first time. I’ve never spoken to anyone who said they had anything less than a life-changing experience. PlexiPR always does world-class shows. Rest assured, dude.

Then again, tix are expensive as but the lineup warrants it, no doubt. Plus, you’ll have that federal tax refund you can raid. C’mon now…for the cause. (lol)

This is a link for an Alan Fitzpatrick podcast done in anticipation for the upcoming gig, recently posted on Soundcloud. Fitzpatrick has a highly-regarded body of work including his ‘Reflections’ single on Bedrock whose 12″ got some mileage in my sets a few years back (it is a true true classic).


I think people are getting a little drunk on L.I.E.S. (the seminal Brooklyn-based EDM label) and I’m not sure if current output matches the earlier stuff but since we don’t have demigod James Murphy telling us what’s cool in Williamsburg anymore (and thank the EDM gods for that), L.I.E.S. (along with a few other start-ups) are carrying that that torch. Here’s a piece you may wanna check out. (As the EgoKiller DJs now spot L.I.E.S. shirts at ArtWalk, it’s now hitting home….See, the cultural exchange of ideas…is something that Jax could sorely benefit from. We still get in to the rut of promoting he same provincial drivel from time to time – and in our scene, we’re working on it).


11/29: Crush @ The Elbow (technical difficulties caused this late post, our apologies).

We also have some new mixes from Soundcloud to post so we’ll be getting crackin’ on that this weekend. Bless you all and let’s unify as a scene. It’s more fractious than it was 15 years go and with all the improvements in Jax,we need to be desegregated, less cliquish and more unified. I offer an apropo Inner City cut from ’92 as evidence for my OTOTD.

NTOTD: Vondelpark – Seabed

OTOTD: Inner City – United

VCOTD: The BPM Festival 2013 Official Recap

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