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Steve Parry delivers a 303-excursion in the 120 bpm framework courtesy of John Digweed’s esteemed imprint, Bedrock Records. This is a one-track download that references Hardfloor’s 1992 breakthrough ‘Acperience 1’ by way of handbag house and frankly, that one mix is all you’re gonna need.


Yeah, I’m going to give some real estate to this new New Order single because I grew up on them and the remixes for me, were always the focal point. If you like the original version of ‘Restless’, the Extended 12″ Mix will satisfy but I would tell you to head straight for the Agoria, xxxy, and Andrew Weatherall mixes because the first two each turn in an epic house ride that Bernard Sumner’s vocals still complement decades later and Weatherall uses quite a few more lasers and torpedoes compared to his ’93 remix of ‘Regret’ but at 128 bpm, it strikes a perfect balance between euphoria and melancholy.


Throwing in a sleeper here and in this case, this came out in June but hasn’t left my box yet . Out on the Spinnin’ progressive arm, SPRS, ‘Get Away From You’ lays an emotional vocal and guitar loop over a shimmering house landscape that manages to spread out quite nicely over it’s 5-minute length. I think I’ll have to throw it on soon.

polyrhythmic lp

Do not sleep on this debut album from Chicago-dwellers Kate Simko & Tevo Howard. Released as a 2xLP and digital download on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label, this contains already-released tracks like their mesmerising ‘PolyRhythmic Theme’, the deliberate ‘Bring It’ with and without vocals and ‘No Regrets’ but the new album tracks continue in this vein: it is the evolving relationship in the context of what underground techno has traditionally been defined as and the increasingly creative use of melody emerging from it.

TOTD: Dave Angel – Nightwalker

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