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10/17: Regrind @ The Crazy Horse Complex

Well, I didn’t put any drum n’ bass on any of my recent mix CDs so I can pretty much be sure they won’t be used by the kind of DJs who like to use other DJs’ mix CDs in their own sets (yes it happens, sports fans). But this should be fun times for the dnb massif.

News flash: They still make new drum n’ bass (and other) vinyl so pony up your $15 and treat yourself to a new 12″ instead of playing out those doublestack-dusted, fingerprint-stained slabs of DJ Die you got at B= in 1999. “Vinyl night” does not to equate to playing old-ass dog-eared wax in any other respectable city, so let’s keep Jax respectable. Do you pay rent? I bet Doc Scott does, too.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Plenty of FB rants to be found.

Also, new collective of dnb fans in Jax can be found here. Check it.

TOTD – Anton Zap – Incident

TOTD2 – Coma – Lora

…and for a killer dub techno video from 2012:

OTOTD – Salz – Electric Dreams

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