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tsi closes

TSI is closing and that’s all we can say on the record right now (not like we’re trying to protect anyone because I simply don’t give a fuck – I’m only employing PLUR) as there is a serious discord between the glossy, “EDM” side of the scene and the true culture of the underground. Speaking of which, did any of you even realize the LGBT scene made the dance music scene we live in today and assholes like Ten Walls who make thousands in it don’t even realize it. Here’s a quote from the great Terry Farley (if you trapster/footwork/ghetto-tech sync-button pushers don’t know who he is, get yourself organized). This is from August’s DJ Mag on the LGBT influence in the electronic dance music scene:

” You have house music and you have house culture. Those who only understand the musical side simply can’t comprehend the beauty of the genre unless they truly understand the culture. The movement we all work in and love owes EVERYTHING to gay culture and while Ten Walls’ outburst was awful it’s also just as awful that someone releasing such big records on such a great house label would be so ignorant of a movement and culture he has decided not to join.”

DID YOU READ THAT JACKSONVILLE? It’s not all about being a social media whore and popularizing yourself. We operate in a culture of beauty and it is our responsibility to nurture that culture.

Ok, rant over.

If you want to know what’s going on this weekend – and there’s quite a lot (our event included) head over to a true gentleman of the scene’s page and get all the details. The only link I’m posting is a classic track from 1999 that if ya don’t know, now ya know..ya know.

OTOTD: Resistance D – Feel High (Video Edit)

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