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sunday showcase slowdown

Good electronic music is back on the radio courtesy of UNF and if you can’t pick up the station, you can stream the show live on Spinnaker Radio – we will be posting the track lists following each show every week until the end of time (or until I stop getting degrees).

Below is what’s going on at TSI, which seems to be the last physical bastion for any chance to enjoy decent electronic dance music (and the smell of Clorox) in Jacksonville. Now when you tell someone to “drink bleach”, you’re really inviting them out for a night out here:


8/28: In The Loop Sessions

8/29: Deeper End Of The Spectrum 004

And look up the word ‘bastion’ if what I wrote was a little hard to swallow. Not talking about one-off bars that will tolerate a little house or the Weekly All-out tank top bro-fests at you-knoW-where.

TOTD: Clarian – Kill For Love

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