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Today’s top photo is of a fantastic single released in 1992 by Erasure called ‘Breath Of Life’. I think it is what the Jacksonville EDM scene needs. Parties honoring nice people who allegedly passed away during a time of using recall a social media post by a not-to-be-named scenester who was right about best friends and the needle. If there wasn’t such social stigma about H and talking about H, deaths could be prevented. As the well-known KT-19941 track said, ‘Face Your Fate’. There’s a big problem in Riverside and attention is primarily focused on the money-spending people getting mugged on the King Street corridor.

Profits, not people.

Has anyone here ever seen the amount of people at River Region at 8 AM on a weekday? Yeah, there’s an H problem. Talk about it, and let’s rally the scene IF one of our own passed from it.

And if you party on King Street, watch your back. Be vigilant. JSO told me those creeps come down from north of the corridor, find their mark and disappear into the night the time some kids attempted to steal my car a while back. Personally, I’d like to see venue operators utilize pressure washers outside. The sidewalks and outdoor common areas are gross now. Wood is rotting. If you’re a faithful reader of this blog, you know the King Street corridor has little to offer you in the way of decent EDM despite what other websites may tell you (although a nice Laphroaig 10 at The Garage helps). It’s pop music for pop culture. If I actually heard Sam Feldt’s ‘Show Me Love’ there (#21 on this week’s Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart), I’d faint before it got to the chorus.

No worries, I can play the Extended Mix of that cut this Wednesday at ArtWalk and people will dance. Yes, there’s at least one location in Jacksonville where men of all nations, from 16 to 66+, dance to EDM. Women, when they feel comfortable attending EDM shows, aren’t afraid to dance. They don’t subscribe to the sausage-fest that some shows can be. That’s probably one of the reasons why all the ladies are on King Street (or elsewhere).

Jax EDM culture can do better. It wasn’t always like this.

Anyway… in store today, we have a smattering of some news to share and let’s see if we can dig up some events worth attending.

This site has already and will still promote the Keoki show in the interest of scene democracy. However, a booking like that, is that just to monetize our (once) precious culture even further or has Keoki put out something relevant in the last 13 years that I slept on? This is not rhetorical. Seriously, look at his track record and tell me otherwise. We’re not partying with Michael Alig at Disco 2000 anymore and Club 5 died long ago.

On a side-note, remember, Club 5? Many of the so-called die-hards stopped supporting Club 5 even when they were bringing in Jesse Saunders and Jody Wisternoff in 2004. They were great shows. Check the links and see the lineup on those nights. Were you there?


Fantastic article on Ghostly International in yesterday’s New York Times. I suggest fans of the highly-esteemed US label (and all DJs, fans and freaks) check this article out because if it’s in the Times, it’s usually not fluff. This is no exception.


The Village Voice this summer put out an article about a movie memoir of a French DJ that recalls his life over 20 years of DJing: the rise and fall. Probably worth watching more than bingeing on Dr. Who (or whatever people are binge-watching these days – fuck subscription services) but who is real anyway? Who am I to define real? I’d only like for you, the reader, to learn more about global EDM culture.


1.8 is out now if you were partying too hard over the weekend. Or with The Weeknd.


Luke Vibert, that shapeshifting purveyor of all things gritty, unpolished and underground has a new record out that the holier-than-thou at Pitchfork reviewed (faintly) positively. Vibert has released records over some 20+ years as Plug, Wagon Christ and other aliases, genre-overlapping on each one (kind of like Mike Paradinas’ aliases – and Mike’s label is the one ‘Bizarster’ is on). This album is one to check out so please do so.

Until tomorrow, onwards and upwards 🙂

TOTD – Daniel Stefanik – I Wonder

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