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Today we have a news roundup of some articles that will be of interest to you from the explosion of vinyl sales, Claire Danes’ visit to Berghain (as shared with Ellen DeGeneres) and the usual lot of pertinent pieces to our Underground Dance Music Culture. Please read on:

Jeff Mills Talks His Evolution As A Techno Wizard


I thought this piece and video was embarrassingly funny. Apparently, you can also get ice cream at Berghain…if you can get in that is. The accompanying video is well worth your time…

EDM (which in America, is simply pop music) is a 6.2+ billion dollar industry. Check out how CNN charts it’s exploitation (while we snicker at it’s soon to occur demise)…


Juan, The Originator speaks to Clash in a cool interview. Get educated…


Harthouse, the original purveyors of trance music, is back again (after a short hiatus – I wouldn’t call it a relaunch) and here’s the info. What a great label…

pop ambient 2016

Yes, you can now stream Kompakt’s new Pop Ambient collection on NPR – a testament to it’s infiltration into the mainstream (and here you thought I was playing pointless ambient noodling for the 10+ years). Well get on over and peep those sounds. And yes, The Orb deliver a stellar track as well…

Vinyl is set to have it’s biggest year in over 25 years. 1990 is when they started taking records out of our local record stores (Turtles Records & Tapes, Coconuts, Musicland, etc) and this article is a fine read and update. But let’s be clear, it’s the rock reissue market driving this, not those limited-to-300 UDM pressings the hardcore DJs, fans and freaks know and love.

TOTD1: Guy J – Nirvana

TOTD2: John Digweed – Re:Structured CD1 Mini Mix

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