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Over a decade of Discogs and you’re bound to have read some funny comments (it wasn’t always that way: 10 years ago, the bar was set pretty high for a comment that was “peer”-reviewed and [maybe] attached to a release). Now, someone has taken the time to compile them which should bring the price-gouge-haters and vinyl-capitalists some laughs…


12/4: Donald Glaude @ Peek [Orlando]


For you lot who didn’t know there was another dude in Drexciya (besides the sadly missed James Stinson aka Suburban Knight), Gerald Donald takes you behind 10 of the best releases he’s been behind and it’s quite a journey…


The BPM Festival has some serious names this go-round and I would bet this is going to be worth every peso if you can make it. Phase One lineup looks tasty already…


Didja hear the one about the record store that collapsed under it’s own weight? Yeah, it’s true. Read all about it and the store’s (necessary) giveaway and sale. We try to make your sides split here at Jaxlore. Jaxlore is for the children, you know that.


Two links to FACT: first, October’s best house and techno and then 40 great dubstep singles. See what you you agree with and what you’ll sneer at.


Balance 028 is on it’s way November 14th and Stacey Pullen is at the helm. I was implored to link the minimix or “preview edit” to our die-hard massive out there in hopes that someone will purchase a 2xCD copy at zero local stores that would actually sell such quality product. But the tracklisting looks fair enough and we all know the pedigree that Balance has, so let’s give it a go.

And now a bit of memory:


Back in the early 2000s, you could hardly go wrong with a Christian Smith & John Selway remix. One of the best examples of them taking over a single was DATAR’s ‘B’ which was the 100th release on Hooj Choons. DATAR was Danny Tenaglia and Tarrantella & Redanka, who were all hitting their stride at the time and as you’d expect, 3 of the 4 mixes on the package were these 10-minute-plus chunky-soup affairs. The Smith & Selway mix at the end (or Disc 2, Side B for the waxheads) was a warped rabbit hole that brought the listener to an unexpected sublevel that would make me think ‘Besides the regular mixes, I have this dope-ass techno one to play out too.”

Fast-forward to December, 2001 and I saw John Selway’s solo album for Ultra (!) and bought it on sight. I remember I was at the Virgin Megastore in the old Downtown Disney. The pic above is of the 2xLP, which is the insert in the CD – I always liked the above shot better, which reminds me of Wes Reed before he started DJing as Wes Rude for a minute there. John’s solo album had four singles and ‘Edge Of Now’ was like the lean six sigma for techno at the time. It was a product that just pre-dated the electroclash explosion so it’s all heads-down, serious and shapely. You could do a lot worse than opener ‘Moving Effortless’ or the dream-like-state of ‘Remember’.

I reckon to have four singles, this album must have done OK but out here in the sticks, I don’t recall ever hearing Selway at the club and I never saw any of the singles in the stores (someone correct me if they were ever in town – you’d think on Ultra, they’d have been stocked). I only have one of those those damn singles, but everything you need is on that US CD. That’s the one I want you to check out. Some real garbage was put out in 2001 but this one holds up quite cohesively, an anomaly in the disjointed period for rave in the States (and Jacksonville).

TOTD: Nick Muir – The Bridge

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