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11/20: Cash Cash & Tritonal @ Venue 578 [Orlando]

Major-label pop-EDM act Cash Cash has been teaming up with Tritonal, a once-respectable Austin-based trance duo and they’re playing out at the old Firestone.

They did a track this past May called ‘Untouchable’ for Big Beat (not your older brother’s Big Beat of yesteryear, the powers-that-be just resurrected the brand) and this song sounds like I’m walking around Old Navy trying to find that $3 t-shirt in my size and when I do, I have to stand in a line 23-deep and listen to this shit.



11/25: These Are The Breaks @ The Beacham [Orlando]

Do you notice a trend here? The trend that nothing is going on in Jacksonville? These really are the breaks. Hey, I heard Lee Coombs is living in Orlando now. Could he not get on this bill? That actually kinda surprised me. Well, those are the breaks, wokka wokka!

From the first set of DJ Icee 12″s in their white paper sleeves (no jacket) to the nadir of funky breaks years later, so many of those tracks were artistically void but culturally significant if only for the good of the party (you could also make the same case for the Belgian new beat genre). Now there were beautiful moments in US breakbeat, to name just two: God Within’s 1993 bona fide-classic ‘Raincry (Submerged)’, fast-forwarding 11 years later to 2004, when Dave London dropped a surprisingly fresh ‘Breathe Deep’ near the end of breaks’ heyday, all that signifies two things: one, the nostalgia circuit is alive and well – this isn’t really a culture lesson. It’s a reunion. And that’s ok. Once in a while.

Secondly, only the big pop-EDM acts are getting booked in now mid-sized markets like Orlando (which was once the biggest EDM draw in Florida). Why can’t Len Faki, Carl Craig (w/ Stacey Pullen), Skream or waFF play between Miami and Atlanta? Or New York? All five are in Miami this week. Hell, so is Fatboy Slim. There’s your nostalgia.

Why isn’t the culture of new music bearing artistic merit being promoted? Does anybody reading even know who those above-mentioned artists are? The only answer I can come up with is that promoters are looking to make the most money the cheapest way possible. I can only speak for Jacksonville’s and Gainesville’s scene here, but after it died back circa-2002, people lost their ass on plenty of shows and I think that scares people in the game today. They’ve heard the stories and you can only book Sasha so many times. Oh, and there’s that whole almighty dollar thing, too.

All I know is Miami’s pulling those names right now and 360 miles is a far drive. I hope Orlando steps up but it’s going the way Gainesville’s gone. When’s the last good EDM show you saw in Gainesville? I saw John Digweed on July 3rd, 2001 at Simon’s and that may have been the last one. I think your best EDM bet there now is a $50 New Order ‘Substance’ double-LP and a $2 PBR, bro.

By the way, here is an interesting Facebook group page you can get your Orlando EDMC on.


11/28: Love Thy Local @ 1904

And I’ve saved the best for last. Oh yes, I have:

TOTD: Matias Aguayo – Run Away From The Sun

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