The Best NYE Party Is In Springfield

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nye 2016

12/31: Celebrating 2016 New Years Party @ The Birdhouse

Join myself, Paten Locke and Matt Caulder for a special night in Springfield. This will truly be a treat for all. We’re breakin’ out some truly fine, classic party jams.

Everytime I hear the word ‘party’, I am reminded of today’s Track Of The Day, which is an early New York house track from 1986 produced by the legendary Tommy Musto. Being from New York myself, this track doesn’t sound like something that was huge in Manhattan but rather with the bridge-and-tunnel crowd, especially on the Long Island side.

I was a wee one in ’86 but this cut just reeks of what I’d expect to hear in a Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, or Nassau County nightclub. I love it’s unabashed balls-out factor. I wouldn’t play it tonight but it’s something to enjoy and only one minor example that NY had it’s own take on the house scene very early, too. There are, of course, better early NY house tracks but this is a track that could never come from Chicago or Detroit – so just party.

TOTD: 38th Street – Party (Club Version)

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