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Of course here at Jaxlore HQ we want to wish you a nice holiday with all the trimmings and PLUR you can handle but I also want to share some writing with you that affects the EDM community and society in general on the topic of depression. Do you think I could have picked a better day to run this piece? I think that’s a pretty ignorant question considering mental illness is hardly convenient.

So I’d read these two articles about depression and EDM culture. In the first one, Decoded Magazine talks to Funkagenda and discusses Slacker, who for a time, was a considerable underground dance music producer and who sadly committed suicide in 2012.

For those who don’t know (or remember), Slacker was best known for cuts like ‘Scared’ (which made it on the Ryder/Bleasdale disc of the Cream Separates comp on Deconstruction in the Spring of ’97), ‘Psychout’ (which famously appeared on Nick Warren’s Global Underground 008 compilation in the Summer of ’98 and would be the most familiar of the bunch to the Jax headz) and ‘Flying’ (on John Digweed’s very first Bedrock compilation which hit back in October of ’99) among others, and not much mention was made of his passing at the time.

The second piece expanded on the first one and focuses further on Grammy-nominated producer Funkagenda and his battle with depression and alcoholism. The takeaway here is that EDMC has thrived in the cycle of debauchery (even if not everyone subscribes) but the downside to that is one that few wish to talk about. There’s really no closer for this except I hope you click on the links.


So since this news has been out for over a minute, you may have already heard Underworld have announced a new album to be released March 18th. If you’re like me, whenever you anticipate a new Underworld joint, you want the cover to be in black and white. That frame of mind comes from the extra-long foldout inlay in the CD of their 1994 debut album. When ‘Oblivion With Bells’ dropped in 2007 with an equally huge foldout, instead of thinking “why would they recycle this idea?” it just made the album that much better. Yeah, some of the purists didn’t care for 2010’s ‘Barking’ (collabs with Paul Van Dyk, D. Ramirez, Mark Knight, Appleblim and Dubfire proved overwhelming for some) but I quite liked the record. Hopefully, this new one kills it, too. You can pre-order from their site now.


I guess the joke was on me when a few months back at the club I heard some house-by-numbers devolve into the main guitar riff from Spandau Ballet’s 1983 hit ‘True’. I was actually being trolled by the DJ! Instead of waiting for some enormous drop that was gonna cause me to lose all bodily function, I was treated to some pretentious guitar licks (and that PM Dawn single in ’91 didn’t help). Ladies and gentlemen, it was this year’s EDM rickroll! Well, fuck me!

I’m not sure that anyone even caught the troll or if Jax even needs to be trolled right now. I just thought I was hearing another bad house cover song. What was metaphorical about that night is that the regional, veteran headliner was playing to an almost-empty main room while the local-but-popular trolling DJ was playing elsewhere to most of the club-goers. Remember kids, it’s all about popularity.

Now that I think about it, a dude earlier in the evening was mixing Petar Dundov’s ‘Synchrotonic’ into Hunter/Game’s ‘Utopia’ and because he either didn’t win the genetic lottery or have enough Facebook likes (I’m probably guilty on both counts), no one was dancing except yours truly, in a bed of cypress mulch and cigarette butts, at a Jacksonville club. Seriously, can this change?


Anyone out there who’s heard me play or talk about dub techno knows I’m a big fan of the Echospace [detroit] record label headed by Deepchord. It’s a wonderful thing when we have some dub techno kingpins Stateside and not be forced to continue thinking that the dub techno genre is synonymous with those Maurizio 12s that now go for shedloads on Discogs. The folks at FACT treat us to a nice interview with Mr. Modell and if you’re not familiar with his brand of art, please become so.

NTOTD: Barker & Baumecker – Love Is A Battlefield

OTOTD: Slacker – Psychout (Alone)

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