Sunday Showcase Slowdown

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New one on Meda Fury by Ryota Arai is seriously goin; off..


I used to actually work with this guy’s younger brother in an insurance firm ages ago. I asked him if he’d heard of Dan Curtin and he told me about the relationship. Dan still cranks out the goods after all these years and you are invited to ch-check this out…

dan mela

Dan Mela & Lady Blacktronika‘s got a serious case of Mr. Fingers’ ‘Can You Feel It’ on this track but it still rules. Vocal Mix and Deep Mix for me…


There is quite a variation between the originals and the remixes on this 7-track single from Viennese-based Bendejo, titled ‘Unravel’, yet everything is quite cohesive. Freaky Chakra even gets in the game. I’ll pass this link along and you can preview them all. TOTD is a link to the Soundcloud page…

TOTD: Bendejo – Unravel

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