Slow And Low

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While I’m bold enough to say that 2015 was quite possibly the nadir of the last quarter-century of EDM in Jacksonville, I’m also bold enough to predict a brighter future for this year.

2015 maintained the lack of suitable places to play and listen to underground dance music (hollow wooden stages, Sharpied-over Behringers and forgetting the sub is just insulting), it affirmed the closure of TSI which was the last stand-alone outpost for many of our scene’s EDM shows (club “complexes” need not apply), and it was made painfully clear that the “new generation” so many of the old-timers talk about really were in it for the drugs (and not the music). Then there’s trap.

If it sounds like I’m taking a trump on trap, or footwork, or juke (Traxman gets a hall pass even considering the new album), I’m dismayed by the fact that 2016’s happy hardcore multiplied by Jacksonville equals excess machismo in a scene that’s reeling as it is. There’s beauty in the variety of EDM but not enough places to display that and to do that positively. And for fuxake, let’s all do more to bring in some new blood.

I’ll save the essay about the need for more female representation for another day – this post is already getting heavy.

With that said, there’s a party going on Saturday night at Eclipse that has a good chance of pulling an older crowd but may in fact prove a treat. However, the only records involved here is me going on record asking for a moratorium on radio edits. NO RADIO EDITS IN 2016! I’m at the club, I wanna hear the club version. So today’s cats have a short attention span? I say laptop DJing offers plenty of features to allow DJs to get creative.

(Given the name, any chance we’ll hear an Altern8 track at this party? I kid, I kid! Christ.)


1/2:  al.ter.nate @ Eclipse

TOTD: Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special (Vocal)

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