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Luke Vibert, known as much for his Wagon Christ and Plug outings as well as his work for labels like Mo’ Wax, Planet Mu and Warp over the last two decades, dropped a rare 3xLP (and CD) under the Kerrier District alias to disco-house fanatics the world over a few weeks back. The project (on Hypercolour) is based on the 1978 Black Devil ‘Disco Club’ album – a feat that inspired it’s own Wikipedia page and you’ll hear plenty of influences throughout (I hear Kraftwerk samples, a bit of ‘Good Life’ and a taste of ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ in one track alone). Sure to be a treat for the Artwalk massif since, let’s face it, where else in Jax do 30 people dance to EDM in one spot without abandon and Hardwell?


Austrian techno-monolith Niereich, still fresh from his ‘Ghosts & Flowers’ full-length late last year on Nachtstrom Schallplatten (a remix 12″ for ‘Ventricular’ just dropped last week) served up another release on 1 July, this one called ‘Sequences’. Like all of his workouts, they’re not for the faint of heart. You can check the samples but you may wanna try the album tracks ‘Rezession’ and the subtler ‘A Touch Of Blackmail’ before you dive into those ‘Ventricular’ mixes although I’ll admit: by itself, ‘Rezession’ is pretty batshit crazy. If the shoe fits…


“How many real hip-hoppers in the place right now?” Whether that iconic quote’s placement is ironic to you is your decision as Lone’s very Boards-Of-Canada-esque ‘Lemurian’ album gets a much needed redesign and remaster. More than one person has remarked on the new sleeve’s reference to BoC. I think they’re doing pink and black wax, a CD and a few digital options through all the usual spots. If you dug ‘Reality Testing’ on R&S and you like BoC (hasn’t everybody at one point since the Clinton administration?) you’ll dig this album. This is the kind of stuff Deep Search should be carrying and you lot should be buying. Deep Search, stock this now!!! xoxo


My favorite Croat drops another understated, melodic techno weaver in the form of this double A-side. Petar Dundov shows no signs of letting up over the years and this Music Man 12″ is another one for the next-level subconscious. Even though most of the scene never got back the next-level subconscious it lost in 2001. And all the fucking foam and colored powder in the world ain’t gonna fix that, bro.

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