Meltdown Sound Death

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We’ve all followed social media meltdowns within our own local EDM scene and in the global scene, especially in the last year. Even this author has been questioned on whether his status-quo deviations are for better or worse (they’re for scene betterment, obviously) but this opinion piece in RA sums things up pretty well. The recognisation that everything eventually falls back to that status-quo is telling. Interesting comments section not to be missed.


Have you ever seen the types of needles pictured above used to play records? Often, to the side of the player, there’d be spare needles. Well, they’d wear the heck out of a record and so came along the innovation of sapphire and diamond-tipped pickups and these were invented by Norman C. Pickering, who just passed at age 99. Check out the NYT obit which explains his innovation and how it touches us (and our records) today.


I think we’ve all heard about how expensive some pieces of home audio gear can get (in the tens of thousands of dollars for set of cables, much less a unit). The Guardian has published a piece on this. On what is real, what is pseudo-science and who’s calling bullshit.

TOTD: Dinky – Planes

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