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Susumu Yokota, who was known for many albums and singles over his 20+ year career, has died at age 54.

Yokota did incredible work for Sven Vath’s Harthouse label in the 90s and went on to produce many more classics in multiple genres. He’ll be sorely missed.

If you ever wondered how the hell CDs work, here’s your chance to learn…

Here’s how Pitchfork think the Chemical Brothers stay vital (vital to their fucking hedge fund managers, I guess)…

The Chems are ok by me, but when the last time you dropped a track by them? ‘Out Of Control’ had Bernard Sumner from New Order on vox and a Sasha remix all on blue vinyl so that would be it. Even though I got the singles box set, it stayed in the bedroom where it continues to collect dust until I become a monetizing capitalist on Discogs.

Also, last and least I guess if you need an EDC “rave pack that comes with hidden pockets to store all your festival needs”, they’re out there. I’m not providing a link to this. I’m sure there’s one on the Borgore, Borgeous, Zedd or Zed’s Dead Facebook pages. In fact, why are you even here now? Nothing’s going on in Jacksonville. Head on over to Facebook and plot your escape out of this cultural wasteland.

TOTD: Yokota – Spacious House

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