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discoWe had to take one here at Jaxlore HQ but now that we’re bright eyed and bushy-tailed:

All field reports indicated good sound at TSI Friday night. Thanks to Byron Brown for bringing the wattage.


Before I shelve these bad boys, Boris Brejcha’s “Feuerfalter Part 01′ and ‘Feuerfalter Part 02’ CDs were some of the best techno albums of 2014. This “high-tech minimal” littered my sets last year and totally brought tha noize. Check it all out…


Another baller-ass box set from the most ultraworldly electronic music group of all timez, The Orb hit us up with a 3xCD+DVD box set (also in 2xCD form) of their best from 2001-the present, covering the latter part of their career. If you’re die-hard you have most of this already BUT there are some unreleased ditties and a whole DVD of great footage which makes it all worthwhile…..supplies last…..


System 7, who has continually brought aural enlightenment on the dance floor for 25 years now, comes back with a brand new EP ‘N+X’. You can search the interwebs for a download and the CD single (yes, they still make those) can be had at Juno and Amazon but you don’t hafta take MY word for it: check the mini-trailer on Soundcloud.

Also, check out new Orlando club Epic‘s lineup. They got a good thing going on down there. Derrick May, Farley jackmaster Funk, Kevin Saunderson… Fo real doe.

More music tomorrow. If you are reading this, please don’t be provincial. There’s a whole global raving counterculture out there that Jacksonville hasn’t found yet. It’s not trap, tropical house or trill-whatever. It’s not hat-2-tha-back douchebags who are only doing this for the fame. It’s not about alpha-male assholes (really guys, it’s not) or objectifying women and it’s definitely not about money. Looking through the lens of America is not seeing the entire picture.

That will be all.

TOTD: Aerium – Horizons (Solarstone Retouch)


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