All Gone Pete Tong

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Yes, I had to use that.


6/4: Pete Tong @ Tier [Orlando] 


A serious slice of funky techno comes from the German veterans (its ‘The Third Room‘ in English). Don’t ask me how to pronounce it and I doubt I could articulate what it means but these guys got their start on Sven Vath’s seminal Harthouse label and they’ve been runnin’ it two decades plus. They’ve actually stepped up their game with two albums in two years like back when they were signed to a major (yes, these groups used to get major label deals). This new one, however, just runs and runs. You may enter.

also 2

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the Second Storey & Appleblim project on R&S called ALSO. They just put out ‘EP 03’ and now all 3 EPs are packaged with a CD that has a new track and the Shackleton remix of ‘Ashford Swaithes’. Tight shit, my friends. UK bass is formally in the house.


Also on the vinyl horizon this week is Hunter/Game‘s new one ‘Genesis EP’ on brand new label Just This. It’s got a Ripperton Remix of the title track and a B-side ‘Chymera’ with a Chymera Remix. The deepness has never sounded so full. Aqueous and escapist.

TOTD: Timelapse – Element

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