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8/1: Wavewhore @ 1904


8/2: Fever @ Indochine

Now we review some new music…


Russian Denis Alentieff is the music director at Space Moscow and on his own label DAR has released no less than 30 slabs of wax under his own name since 2009. Denis’ music has evolved into his most cohesive techno yet in this (ironically) digital-only album release on Bedrock (who usually releases full-lengths as a 2xCD – mixed and unmixed). While the file only format is bittersweet, the music on this album is really quite diverse. As much flak as Bedrock gets from know-nothing old-timers who think the label is still rehashing ‘Heaven Scent’, Bedrock really knows how to please everybody. This album manages to be chunky and housey, spatial and proggy and there’s even some circa-’95 Perfecto Fluoro psy-trance stabs in ‘Goa’. Denis achieves this by seemingly pairing opposing beats and sonics. Light-treading beats get darker atmospherics and heavy-duty drum workouts get the airiest touch of melody. Don’t sleep on this. It’s a journey of the highest order.


In addition to all the coloured-vinyl 12″ singles and black wax double-LPs that come out during the year, German sludge-techno label Nachtstrom Schallplatten seems to give their best hope a CD release as well. 89 releases in, the lucky winner this year is Austrian Peter Niereich who turns in probably the darkest thing I’ve heard on this label – and if you’re familiar with the canon of Nachtstrom, that’s saying a lot. Late-2012 saw the release of Kraemer & Niereich’s album ‘Brett’ which got caned all over techno’s finest haunts (and our Soundcloud mixes, too) and was a snapshot of where this kind of music was at then.

Fast forward to 2014 and gone are the everlasting ride cymbals of yore: what’s left is the crispy, scorched-earth realism of an almost snare-less approach to the stupid-o’clock playlist. Recent single ‘Drehmoment’ (German for torque) gets a nicely-finished album version revisit. Hidden bonus track ‘Rezession’ could be the most accessible thing on here for most folks (who own a copy of ‘Minimal Nation’ – ha) but frankly, let’s face it – none of this shit’s gonna go down well at ArtWalk (or any club gig for that matter). Jacksonville shalt not be the cellar toilets at Berghain. So I guess I’ll be running this at 4:30AM on my way to Orlando for another pre-dawn record show while UNF spermatazoa gets force-fed Kaskade and Borgore and everything is a shade of neon and thousand-dollar plastic Pioneer controllers, bro. Was that dystopian enough for you? That’s the sound of this CD. It’s fucking ace.

TOTD: Neireich – Rezession

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