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nightmares on wax 1904


We really played the shit out of ‘Smokers Delight’ and ‘Carboot Soul’ back inna day. The other records are also great from ‘Aftermath’ to ‘Keep On’ and beyond but whole memories were formed around ‘Smokers Delight’.

That was back when Warp Records was licensing stuff to TVT in the States after they bought out WaxTrax! I would get the WaxTrax! newsletters circa ’95/’96  and they’d tell you what was coming out. I don’t remember Now Hear This! ever getting ‘Smokers Delight’ on import so when I saw this was on Warp and coming out in the States, it was a must have before I even heard it. Now we all know what a classic it is.

Too bad most of those cats that used to chill around the way are on skid row now and Jacksonville’s scene is just about emaciated but apparently someone had some money to lose by booking George Evelyn and my ass’ll be out there. Yours should too.

2/22: Nightmares On Wax @ 1904

TOTD: Henry Saiz – Mask

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