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Since last year, fellow clubbers have mentioned to me the occurrence of the same acts being billed in the festivals and shows around the southeast. Whatever your taste in EDM, there’s a feeling of the same bullshit being tossed around these last 18 months and although the word is already out there, I haven’t bothered to put two and two together. Why would I when the integers are Martin Garrix and Borgeous?

What follows is just a sampling of the holdings of SFX Entertainment, America’s largest EDM conglomerate. They have been rather effective at homogenizing EDM culture. If you thought “my shit is soo underground” or “I guess I’m getting to old for this shit” you may want to check yourself. There are factors beyond your control that determine what gets heard where. If you don’t like what’s hot on Beatport or on Billboard’s now numerous EDM charts, it’s not you.

If you saw Sasha and/or Digweed at Firestone recently, went to Liv and/or Story in Miami, downloaded anything off Beatport in the last 14 months, dug Made Events, went to Tomorrowland or any of the Life In Color paint parties, you paid SFX. And their acquisitions are growing. The original incarnation of SFX, which sold out to Clear Channel in 2001 for a hefty sum, has now partnered with Clear Channel again, presumably to distill anything not deemed commercial enough. When Avicii says he doesn’t have to read crowds, it’s because he’s playing to the lowest common denominator.

The rest you can research yourself.

Look around. Keep an open mind and don’t be somebody’s bitch.

ptp x

5/02: PTP X: Love Thy Local @ 1904 & Underbelly


5/09: Dani Deahl @ Underbelly

Now briefly…

I see an Aly & Fila feature in the today’s DMC World. Here you go, Jeff, April and all the trance boffins out there…

And I know this is last month (we’ve been on vacation) but if you haven’t heard, I guess that Aphex Twin story was for real. Gorgeous track, this…

NTOTD: Boris Brejcha – Be F.L.A.M.E.

OTOTD: Screamin’ Rachel – My Main Man

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