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david solano

1/29: David Solano @ Pure

Paint party people, your resident jock is coming to town.

In other news, EDM has never been as glam as the Beatport Top 100 is now.

How many more tracks with post-drop staccato melodies will be released before the herd tires of it? There’s been enough referencing of Afrojack’s ‘Polkadots‘ and ‘Ghettoblaster‘ which are close to five years old now, back when he was respectable (yes, there was a time).

Alternate those cuts with some circa-2010 ‘Bromance‘ rip-offs. That compressed, big room melodic style makes up most of the rest of the chart.

Combine ’em both and you have Calvin Harris’ ‘Under Control‘.

The revolution may not be televised but it will be commercialized.

We are in the era of showered praise. Everyone’s awesome and anything less makes you a hater. Any talent show will attest to this.

Maybe when the glam bubble bursts, all the half-steppers will go back to hip-hop. Once upon a rave, most DJs would play out some form of EDM but ridin’ out in their whip earned you a front seat to the latest Big Tymers CD. Is that why this is supposed to be awesome? I don’t rate it. It’s electronic. It’s dance. And it’s music. But it’s not EDM.

I believe EDM is subjective.

I also tried to pick something from the Top 100 worth mentioning but the best I can do is to say that Off Recordings from Germany is putting out some decent house (and they press most of it on wax, too) but MK’s ‘Always’ is depressing. It’s another reminder that he’s never gonna make one like the remix of ‘Push The Feeling On‘. Everybody knows that. 8.9 million views proves it.

It was so good, he remixed his own remix. Twice.

Doorn (the label and the artist) went down the toilet precisely two years ago this week and recently following him is the awful new Above & Beyond single. Guys, go back to A&R – you’re zillionaires now. At least they took music lessons to make their way through this performance. I don’t think I’ll ever wear any of my Anjunabeats gear again though.

Just be original, kids.

TOTD (a classic Anjuna track): Michael Cassette – Shadow’s Movement

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