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Some changeups to tonight’s gig at TSI. All other shows posted yesterday are still relevant:

dnb n breaks n phukheadz, oh my!

9/12: DnB N Breaks N Phukheadz, Oh My! @ TSI

I will be playing underground house and techno so don’t let the name of tonight’s show fool you: the Ego Killer crew are simply L.O.O.P. members. Aside from that awesome ’96-style LTJ Bukem remix of Dusky’s ‘Yoohoo’, I gave up drum and bass for Lent in 1998 (after it turned into a local competition of who’s harder and darker…a real sausage-fest at the time).

The crew will also be out with free promo CDs and flyers for my UNF radio shows which I will now segue into…

underground sound

sunday showcase slowdown

Get the Spinnaker Radio app, stream on or just listen to 95.5FM (if you’re within 5 miles of campus) and hear what clued-up EDM sounds like outside of our (sometimes) cultural dead zone. We’ll be promoting at TSI tonight so come on by, join the fun and let’s paint the town underground!

Also, don’t forget the other shows in town tonight (for which links appear on yesterday’s post).

NTOTD: BOg & Jonas Saalbach – Drawing Board

OTOTD: Pet Shop Boys – Shameless [listen to the lyrics, how timeless they are 22 years later…and yes, I’m referring to our scene again as always]

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