New And You

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Limited to 1000 for UK RSD 2014, the 5th single from the Pet Shop Boys‘ decadent ‘Electric’ album was trading for up to $115 on the interwebs but the price has come down quite a bit. These are some low-key, almost italo versions and sit rather nicely with a warm-up slot or a shot of your favorite libation.

the darkside

Short blurb from RA about the newest Derrick May re-issue which adds to the oversaturation of the re-issue market right now. Half the vinyl on Juno these days are re-issues although they still carry the best 12″ selection and don’t be fooled by RA claiming a June release date. You can get your copy on Juno right now.


New Cloud Boat 10″ on Apollo fresh on the heels of ‘Book Of Hours Remixes’ – watch the video here and buy the record here. They have quite a few interesting videos on YouTube on second look. So many times, I get the single and forget to catch the clip.

5/31: Albert Adkins and Badcat @ River City Brewing Co.

TOTD: Fairmont – Lie To Me

TOTD2: Oliver Lieb – Chopsticks

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